Hi guys!


Welcome to the brand-spanking-new-for-2015 section of the Jiva Yoga website! At least ten years after the rest of the world started blogging, I am, er, finally catching up.

My name’s Zoe and I live and work in London, where I founded Jiva Yoga as an irreverent antidote to studio classes, hemp milk (almond and macadamia is where it’s at) and omming. I teach yoga classes that are playful, sweaty and inclusive – where we work hard and chill harder, in venues that have a ramshackle charm to them. But the one or two hours a week I see my students isn’t always enough to share all the things yoga that I’d love to talk about, and my friends aren’t going to remain my friends much longer if I keep banging on at them, so I’ve started up this little space online too.

We won’t only be talking yoga, though. Vinyasas aren’t for everyone and they’re not even the only way I like to get sweaty so I’ll be taking you on a tour of my favourite fitness spots and activities in and around London. And as all the best conversations go, we might get distracted and segue into lifestyle or maybe just even fun?

I’d also love to use this as a space to answer any burning yoga related questions you have whether you come to my classes or not (although if not, why not?!). Whether it’s how to get into a specific pose, why something feels weird, or why we bother doing something at all, hit me up in the comments and I’ll try to help out as much as I can!

It’s great to meet you all, anyway – namaste.


2 thoughts on “Hi guys!

  1. Love your philosophy on yoga – it doesn’t all have to be omming and correct sequencing. Very interested to know where you did your YTT/the company you went through and whether they let some of that individuality shine?! Ive been looking at doing my teacher trianing (im in aus) but they all seem like very regimented theoretical courses…. Namaste and love x


    • Hey Em, thanks for your message! I did my original 200hrTT with Yoga London (who also offer courses in Ecuador – how amazing?!) and who were so supportive and really nurtured us to become our own teachers with different voices. My subsequent training has been with the Yoga People (worldwide) which I’ve loved but a lot of their 200hr grads tend to stick to the same routines etc unless they’ve done other training too, so I’d recommend them wholeheartedly if you’re looking to expand your practice and knowledge but maybe not as a first time course if that makes sense? I love them both though; such fantastic experiences and companies and really really can’t say enough good things about them.

      I’d also say that yoga teacher trainings are amazing – and necessary – but you take away what you want from them. I didn’t love studying chanting and ashtanga and so I don’t teach much of it, but I’m glad I have the discipline and background knowledge if I ever need it. Keeping people safe in a pose, learning the traditions our wild things come from, understanding the philosophy and biomechanics of a long spine etc feels a bit regimented but once you have it you can do what you like with it! Those building blocks are super important though; you have to know the rules to be able to break them! But what comes through when you teach is the way you love to practice anyway. A TT is just the start of the road! Xxx


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