Are you getting enough?

My parents often blame the fact I’m an only child on the fact that I would never, ever go to sleep as a baby. Apparently until I was about two the only way they could get me to close my eyes was to put me in the car and drive me around – as soon as the car stopped I’d wake straight up again though so this wasn’t really a great solution. Oops. Love you guys.

Things have definitely changed now as there’s pretty much nothing I love more than an early night. Particularly as I’m out of the door at about six most mornings to teach, I try really really hard to be in bed by ten at the latest – obviously there are days when this isn’t possible but generally I’m proud to be a bit of a grandma! I love being an early bird now and find I’m so much more productive and optimistic.

There are so many studies out there showing the importance of sleep but this video details one which is totally new to me! It’s so interesting and really worth a watch – especially with the clocks going back this weekend I hope it inspires you to hit the hay a little bit earlier.


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