“Zoe has been a wonderful and inspirational yoga instructor. With a calming voice and a challenging practice, I feel like I am learning so much, but am never pushed past what I am happy to do. She fills the room with positive energy, and I always leave feeling refreshed and peaceful (as well as exhausted of course)!”

Ciara W, current student

“An excellent class and Zoe is so encouraging. I was a yoga virgin when I joined her class and now I absolutely love it.”

Aisling M, current student

“Zoe picked up on how everyone was feeling at the beginning of her class, and led us through a session that took my awareness back to my breath and movement; she pushed us just enough in the challenging poses, and at the same time gave us plenty of yummy, opening stretches. I felt calmer, stronger and clearer when I left her class.”

Isabelle A, yoga teacher

“I found Jiva Yoga was the perfect mix of relaxation and exercise. Zoe gives plenty of options so that both beginners can feel comfortable but also those who are regular yoga goers can challenge themselves if they want to. I could not recommend enough!”

Anna J, current student

“I joined Zoe’s yoga class on Monday evenings as having done hot yoga in the past, I wanted to broaden my horizons with other yoga practices and also to increase my upper body strength (as I found that some of the sequences in hot yoga were not doing that for me). I found Zoe to be a very informative, approachable and knowledgeable teacher who always explained the postures in detail and what benefits we could expect from them. I also appreciated it when she came over to correct your alignment, as there is nothing more vexing than starting the posture wrong and thinking you have it right! The hour classes seem to go very quickly and I was so impressed with Zoe that I brought two other close friends along to enjoy her classes with me. I would recommend any of Zoe’s classes for new and experienced yoga practitioners, and I hope they find they enjoy them as much as I do.”

Fiona L, current student

“Zoe’s classes are fun, energising and friendly. It helps make Mondays bearable!”

Steve B., current student

“I’ve done yoga on and off for about 10 years now and have had my fair share of teachers. And I can genuinely say Zoe is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She walks the class through the poses clearly and eloquently, and she always makes you feel like any stage you’re at right now is exactly where you need to be. Not to say she doesn’t push you! She definitely gets everyone sweating. Plus her headstand is pretty darn impressive! I’d recommend Zoe’s class without a second thought, whether you’re a beginner or advanced yogi.”

Anna M, current student

“I’d never tried yoga before and was initially dubious, but Zoe’s class was challenging and rewarding. I am definitely a convert.”

Jon B, current student


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